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When the Bully Who Does the Most Damage is You

"Why am I so stupid? So lazy? So crazy?" Before my ADHD diagnosis, I beat myself up over daily mistakes. Now I'm repairing the damage done, learning to go easier on myself, and quieting my inner bully.

4 Comments: When the Bully Who Does the Most Damage is You

  1. I wish I could believe this. But I got my diagnosis two years ago, and I’ve hated myself even more ever since. I’ve learned coping strategies, but they’re just not working fast enough for what I need to be doing to be independent. I feel utterly broken and just don’t want to be here anymore. I feel like I’m in hell.

  2. Thank you for the comments. I am happy that it works in some way. ADHD became my strength, once I accepted it. I wish the same for everyone.

  3. Joanna,
    What a beautiful and encouraging article! I am a fellow ADHD’er (unofficially diagnosed) and It’s been an excruciating journey at times – Trial and error to say the least. After fighting with my brain for over ten years; from Straterra, to Wellbutrin, to anxiety medication, to fasting and diet changes, to downright giving up, I’ve inched my way to acceptance of my brain and it’s “pros and cons.” It undoubtedly begins with our ADDItude towards our brains that will turn the tide. Your article definitely helped me turn another inch corner towards changing the way I see my Brain. And not seeing it as my enemy and seeing it as my helper and friend. It’s our MINDS (not to be confused with our Brain) that become negative and harsh and the “Bully” as you state it… it’s a tough battle but one worth fighting. I am so empathetic to everyone who is suffering due to not knowing how to approach their brain. Yes, it may become an enemy in the beginning, but keep seeking, keep searching, and never give up trying to make peace with yourself and your brain. It’s a powerful and beautiful tool. It needs your love and understanding. Your care. Your positivity. It won’t be easy, but it’s about your genuineness towards mending fences. Try to understand yourself. Articles like your Joanna is what will help someone go that extra inch and having faith the there are more pieces to the puzzle coming down the pipeline.

    Beautiful Article!


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