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When 'Perfect' Is No Good at All

Is your need for perfectionism affecting your productivity?

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  1. Just what I was looking for. It seems as though I can go for a certain amount of time without feeling as though my ADHD is bothering me at all. Then, I find myself feeling anxious and unhappy with myself and everything around me. It’s always about control, or lack of. I had someone coming in to clean our house every other week for a number of years, but gradually that stopped working, so I decided to do it myself. I put together a schedule, and I’m still managing to keep up with it. BUT, I now see EVERYTHING that’s not clean or damaged or out of place. I might ignore it some extent, depending on how I’m feeling, but it definitely impacts my mood. I had certain things scheduled for certain days, and I would feel upset when my schedule was disrupted, even if the “disruption” was something I wanted to do. I’m also an artist, and a pretty decent painter. But as hard as I try to relax and just go with it, I always end up getting into the details.

    I seem to be going through a rough patch now, but sometimes just being aware helps. We’re having a very early and severe winter (it’s not even Thanksgiving) which is throwing me off. The only good thing is I have an excuse for taking a break from yard work!

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