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What Kids Need When Classmates Reject Them

When friendships fail for kids with ADHD, parents can save the day with these helpful strategies for improving social skills — like talking to him and signing him up for new activities — and salvage self-esteem.

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  1. Great info! My son recently had success “road testing” his social skills in a safe environment. One of the other moms in my ADHD parents group suggested that we try getting our boys together even through they’re nearly three years apart in age (9 and almost 12). It worked. We started with short, organized, supervised activities we knew they’d both enjoy like 30 minutes of playing Monopoly, 30 minutes playing in the same Minecraft world, swimming, or baking cookies together. Neither one cares that the other isn’t cool or good at sports. They seem to forgive each other easily without judgement, unlike kids of the same age. It may sound silly, but I get kind of emotional when I overhear my son saying the words, “My friend, Michael”.

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