Sensory Processing Disorder
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What Is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Do loud noises, sticky fingers, and tags on clothes send you into a tailspin? You might be dealing with sensory processing disorder. Learn how SPD is related to ADHD, as well as how to received a diagnosis and find treatment.

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  1. My son has been experiencing “out of body” sensations which are really upsetting him. He says he feels like he’s not connected to the world. Scary. I’ve been telling him it’s anxiety, but now I’m questioning if it’s SPD. Can anyone relate & provide insight? Thanks, Laura

    1. Hello Laura,

      Absolutely. Two of my kiddos have similar experiences. For example, when my son walks down the middle school hallways, he is like an untethered balloon. They’ve made him a weighted backpack. They both attend OT, which has helped me learn quite a lot. There are terms such as ‘aware of your body in space’. Weighted vests, weighted blankets, firm bear hugs & (i think) ‘heavy work’ can help with this. They both have sensory processing disorder on their paperwork, whether it’s the school or therapy testing. We have so much going on that I cannot keep track. Regardless, I highly recommend you try to find an OT place the works with anxiety & SPD.

      FYI: my 12 y.o. son has been diagnosed with & takes meds for anxiety & ADHD. Our daughter is 6 y.o. and I’m going to try changing their diet this summer to see if it helps.

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