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What Is Nonverbal Learning Disorder?

Nonverbal learning disorder is a little-known condition that impacts more people than you might imagine, causing real daily difficulties for the adults and children who have it. Learn the signs of this confusing condition, and what you can do to treat it.

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  1. @crichey0507 — my daughter also has NVLD and was diagnosed officially around the same age. There are many ways that are holistic for you to work with your daughter. I have found mindfulness to be great, changing eating habits like an organic diet, swimming has helped us tremendously. I can share more if you are interested.

  2. Hi Lemondyde,
    My daughter was diagnosed with NVLD at the age of 10. It has been very heart breaking for me to see Anisa go through the challenges maintaining friendship. She is such a warm, loving, intelligent girl who just wants to have close friendships. But instead she faced bulling in elementary and middle and now in high school bullying stopped but she still does not have any real close friendships. She often feels alone and depressed because of this and has anxieties particularly about losing friends when she makes a friend. And inevitably she does end up losing them. I’m looking for a support group for her so she can find someone that can relate and understand her. Would you know of such a support group?

  3. I knew I had this since before I can remember, but nobody told me what it did or how it affected me, all I had was a name. Finding this article, and ones related to it, and learning what it does (albeit 10 years later than I should have) has really helped me understand my past and future interactions.

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