Managing Medications
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What Do You Mean You're All Out?!?

How parents can proactively prepare for the next ADHD medication shortage.

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  1. So I guess I am subject to this right now. CVS has to order a new supply to fill an Rx I had on file and it will not arrive until Friday. Usually it could be filled by the next day. Of course, as a controlled substance it cannot be transferred to a different pharmacy which may have it in stock, so to get it now I would have to call individual pharmacies to find it in stock, then contact the doctor’s office which may take 48 hours to respond, and make sure it is still in stock when the new Rx is sent. If that doesn’t work I could go through the same process to find the generically version which isn’t as effective. The after 28-ish days I will go through this again. If I am still employed after a bout of withdrawal side effects and disorganized thinking.

  2. Honestly, I’m a little shocked at your suggestions. Are there pharmacies out there that will give you that info. on the phone? There isn’t a single pharmacy around me (So. Jersey) that will give you any information about what stock they have on hand over the phone. Years ago they would, which was very helpful, and a real time saver, but they haven’t done that for years. I have spent entire days, and a 1/2 a tank of gas, going from one pharmacy to the next, only to still go home without the medication. It’s an absolutely daunting task.
    Apparently, we’re facing another problem at the moment, as I was told by two pharmacies today that they don’t have it, it’s on back order, and they have no idea WHEN they might have it in stock again.
    Are there still areas where you can get this info. by phone? I’d consider re-locating.

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