ADHD Symptoms in Children
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Easy-to-Miss ADHD Symptoms in Girls

Disorganized daydreamers. Social butterflies. Space cadets. These are all awful labels applied wrongfully and thoughtlessly to girls with ADHD. Learn the signs and symptoms of attention deficit in girls, and save your daughter a lifetime of shame.

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  1. As a woman diagnosed with ADHD last year at 33, I see so much of my younger self in this article. I still struggle with low self esteem because I never fit “in the box.” I am pretty sure I would have been diagnosed much sooner had I not been a child of the 80s/90s.

    1. I was diagnosed 3 days ago and I’m a 47 year old women .
      So I’m completely frustrated and lost . I’ve apparently have always had ADHD since I was a little girl . But somehow all my doctors missed it.
      Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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