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Why and How Wellbutrin May Be an Effective Treatment for ADHD

Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant medication prescribed to help manage ADHD symptoms in adults who don’t benefit from more mainstream stimulant medications for attention deficit. Here, learn about the benefits and risks associated with this Norepinephrine Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor.

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  1. This is a very valuable article. As the author discusses, because bupropion is not FDA-approved for pediatric use and its use for ADHD is technically off-label, psychiatrists are hesitant to prescribe it. Of course, weight loss and potential suicidal ideation are other important concerns for children, but there is a significant minority of ADHD kids for whom it is the only drug that will provide enough relief for families to be able to cope. I believe we have only been able to keep my ADHD/DMDD child out of the hospital because he is taking bupropion. And my experience on family support forums has led me to believe that a not trivial number of kids bounce in and out of hospitals and residential treatment because their psychiatrists do not consider it.

  2. The same thing happened to me. I got extremely emotional, crying for every little thing, very agitated, got more and more depressed. Got in a few very dangerous near-accidents with my car. Ended up having severe panic attacks for the first time in my life (thought I was losing my mind, it was so frightening) and stopped on my own since my psychiatrist didn’t really bother to do proper follow up. Started taking fish oil and rhodiola supplements after this, works fine till today – 8 months later. I believe welbutrin could be the perfect medicine for a lot of people, but please be aware of the possibility that You’re having a bad reaction. Follow your gut feeling in this one.

  3. I’ve taken wellbutrin to support me with quitting to smoke, while also acting as an adhd med. I know I tend to suffer from depressions, but with this meds it was twice as bad. I’m in my mid 30ts and I’ve never experienced so many suicidal thoughts as on Wellbutrin.I’m saying this to warn ppl to take the black box warning serious. I eventually quite on my own (not advicable), because I was to ashamed and scared to tell the doctor about this side effect. I will never use anti-depressends again. Sorry if this puts anyone off, just pls stay in close contact to your doctor when you want to use this. Where I’m from we don’t have black box warnings. It just said I was not allowed to drive.

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