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9 Strategies for Stress-Free Evenings

From easy dinner ideas to medication management, these 9 fail-proof strategies will streamline your family's daily routine.

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  1. I’m sure these tips are useful in the situation where there is a stay-at-home parent, or the child gets home in the afternoon.
    My husband and I are both walking in the door with our 2 and 6 yo at 6pm. The chaos of dinner/bath/bed is compressed into a much smaller timeline. Opportunity for “play” and wind down is limited. The meds are COMPLETELY worn off and either my husband or I required to actively and physically stop our 6yo from hurting his younger brother.
    My husband and I are also ND, so we have emotional regulation issues after a full day of work, and aren’t always at our best.
    Is there any chance for an article to help parents like us?

  2. My granddaughter can not go to sleep in total quiet, music didn’t work. Through trial and error I discovered if I put on a veternarian type tv show it’s enough to hold her focus, but not keep her stimulated…..she goes to sleep in about 10 min. Every child is different you have to find what’s right for your particular child. Don’t give up.

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