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Third Time’s the Charm

There’s an art to getting out the door and staying married—and I discovered it. Or, I should say, my husband did.

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  1. That’s me/us! I know I can make my husband nuts when he wants to leave at a certain time. I’ve gotten better, but I almost always have to go back inside the house for something. In fact, I get annoyed with myself for that one, and I’m so happy for the times when I don’t have to do that. (My insensitive is having two dogs I bribe by throwing some treats on the floor so I can get out the door alone!)

    I was thrilled when I found an app called Min to Go, that allowed me to set a timer for, say, 15 minutes. Then it would give me a countdown warning alarm every 5 minutes, along with a large display. For some reason, it no longer works, and I keep trying to think of how I can create my own using a different timer. For now, I have my husband sitting in the living room saying “10 more minutes!”

    And, interestingly, my dad who had ADHD, always wanted to get going. But my mom (whom I suspect also had it) took forever. He also learned to sit in the car and read a book.

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