Can We Treat ADHD Naturally?
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10 Supplements and Vitamins for ADHD Symptom Control

Some supplements — vitamins, minerals, and herbs — can augment ADHD medication to help relieve symptoms like inattention, memory, mood, and cognitive function. Find out which ones help the most here.

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  1. I’m all in for the natural way. Good, organic, local food. I’ve actually been able to wean myself off most of the medications I used to thanks to good, local, organic food, exercising, supplements, and spending time in nature is more healing than anything else!

  2. “There are no studies showing that giving vitamin D to children with ADHD improves their symptoms. ”

    Since depression is present with ADHD folks — I feel anxious when I can’t concentrate/contribute/be productive.
    Small Swedish Study in 2012:
    “…there was a significant improvement in eight of the nine items in the vitamin D deficiency scale: depressed feeling, irritability, tiredness, mood swings, sleep difficulties, weakness, ability to concentrate and pain. There was a significant amelioration of depression according to the MFQ-S (p < 0.05).”

  3. We had some pretty bad experience with drugs and so our pediatrician encouraged us with a more natural approach I actually followed Medical Medium recommendation and started with a metal cleanser diet and fallowed as well one that was proposed for Alzheimer’s patients that showed quick result… Most of the supplements in this list were on it but one more has shown great help, GABA… favoring each supplement from a vegan source, no fish or animal sources…My son being 13 now is going through lots of changes and with the Pandemic situation, I decided to homeschool…That is giving him quite a lot of support as his social skills that have been the most taxing on him even though he was in a special learning school and was getting out of hand being hypersensitive… My son had to go through two operations for his hearing and I practiced tapping with him to overcome the trauma…Having to hear so many specialists repeatedly reminding him his condition did not help as to rewire him to believe it is not an end but an obstacle to overcome… I’m trying now to invite him to learn breathing and meditation with a very septic look on his part I have to be creative lol FIRE breathing and tapping is all I can get him to do so far but only the result will convince him so I’m being patient and very hopeful…Being at home I have discovered an amazing intelligent boy with passion and interest in the Astronomy field and blew my mind with all he knows…USING this to prove him and himself all his capabilities 😉 The Journey continues…I love this site and since ex-partner is also ADD I use your article to help me help him and his son…By the way, I have also a 26 yrs old with ADD as well…Thank you so much for these amazing article that as support me prove I was many time right to the septic around me including therapists in the field(?)…

  4. It sounds like many of these could be fixed by bringing meat, butter, and eggs back into the diet. It has been shemped for so many years by so-called “nutritionists” that many of these are missing from the standard American diet (SAD).

  5. CCM, the standard dosage of EPA or DHA is around 200 to 300mg. I as a 37 year old male adult weighing 230 pounds regularly take 800 to 1000mg of both EPA and DHA each, I most commonly use Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2x which has 1125mg EPA and 875mg DHA per dose.

    Based on what I believe this article is suggesting 1.5 to 2 times the normal dosage would be 500mg or slightly more. There are no negative effects that I am aware of when it comes to taking a slightly higher dosage of EPA and/or DHA so long as you are not taking blood thinners.

  6. “There should be 1.5 to 2 times as much EPA as DHA.”
    Could you please clarify… are you saying that EPA should be double the DHA proportion in the omega3 tablet?
    We were able to find omega3 tablets kids for our 5yr child which focus on the DHA level, not the EPA (each 597.6mg tablet = DHA 300mg & 60mg EPA) – we have been giving 2 x tablets in the morning.
    Should I be looking for a different omega3 tablet for our child to assist with ADHD symptoms?

  7. Agreed, this is a helpful discourse — for children. Please consider revising this, or offering another article with the recommendations for adults.

  8. Great article!

    My journey to finally finding treatments that work for me — began with supplements. There’s a lot of bad advice out there but luckily these days there are some excellent evidence-based resources; and lab are crucial!

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