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What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?

Have a deadline looming, but find yourself watching just one more episode of a binge-worthy Netflix show? Find out if your procrastination type is a daredevil or chicken, and discover solutions for staying on task.

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  1. While it can be useful to see your behavior described and acquire a shorthand label for it, the simplistic solutions offered trigger a resistant response in me. “Break down your big tasks into small ones!” they chirp. Gosh, that’s easy, why didn’t I think of that? “Set tighter deadlines and self-regulate!” Huh, that’s the very thing I don’t seem to be able to do, even when I try. I feel a bit like my friend with chronic fatigue syndrome when people ask, “Have you tried yoga, or acupuncture?” That’s not how this works.

  2. Daredevil here. Set my own deadlines? Self regulate? No team or supervisor either. Got any more ideas? Is there something with guidelines I could give to a prospective body double?

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