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Two IEP Fixes That Will Turn Your Child's Life Around

How to make sure teachers really get your child during a special ed meeting.

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      1. Yes! In my books and writing about him, his nickname is Ricochet, to protect his privacy. That nickname was actually given to him by his soccer coach at the very first practice when he was 5 years old, because he was “pinging” all over the place in a blur. (He didn’t even have a diagnosis yet.) 🙂

  1. Hi there. Thank you for the helpful tips. We have an IEP meeting coming up. I am very interested in trying your approach. Can you please tell me if you had a framework that you used for the current level of performance? Thank you.

    1. I got the idea for these letters here:

      For the present levels of performance, I started by making a list of exactly what *I* saw as my son’s present levels of performance. I list current grades in each class first (If they are declining, I show grades for each quarter before that year). Then I list both positive and negative things. A positive might be that he’s participating well in class discussions. A negative might be that he doesn’t get homework done and turned in because he isn’t using a planner (because the school *STILL* isn’t teaching and supporting its use). If I list items that are clearly supposed to be getting support they are not, I’ll copy and paste parts of his evaluation reports that relate to that item. For instance, for note-taking, my son has dysgraphia and cannot take notes in class. He is supposed to have all notes provided. That is clearly recommended in one of his evaluation reports, so I insert a picture of that section of that report in my letter in that spot, and caption it with the sate of the evaluation and the name of the professional who did the eval.

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