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How This Pandemic Triggers Trauma Responses in the ADHD Brain

ADHD’s emotional reactivity can create sky-high stress levels in the face of a global pandemic. Some may feel tearful, and others irritable. The relentless sense of danger triggers those who might have experienced trauma in their younger years. Here are some rules for calming, healing, and moving forward positively.

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  1. A healthy diet is great too. You look better to those who see you all the time, and are happy for you.
    Carbs are everybody’s favorite sin, so best to have somebody watch you, and let you know when you cross that line. They may even be hired to assist you all the time, like a sponsor, who will make sure your eating right 24/7. You do not want to disappoint yourself and them again. Not that that will make your a better person, or more acceptable in general, but at least you won’t have to worry about carbs anymore…or any other non-healthy eating habits. Still, some of us are allowed to eat what we want without that kind of scrutiny, and the more people don’t know, the better they feel. This pandemic is hard, but being too hard on yourself, and holding yourself to a standard that is higher than the norm, can add to your anxiety, so…be careful.

  2. Trust me, I’m trying. I’m just tired on the inside.

    @Lostchild44 – yea. I’ve lost many people in my life. Grief last a while. I understand your pain. The loss of family members, or close friends, never really goes away…you just learn to live with it. But death has a permanency and a randomness to it that make it acceptable. Prison isn’t death, it’s a punishment. It reminds you that YOU did something so wrong that your separation is to protect others from YOU. Part of the purpose of imprisonment is to learn what you did wrong, so you wont repeat that crime again. However; To be singled out and held to different standards of acceptance than the rest of society, and imprisoned for it, is a double-punishment. There are many who have chosen/asked for a death-sentence, rather than be sentenced to permanent separation from life.

  3. This pandemic has caused my symptoms to be more elevated and frustrating. I recently lost my husband of 45 years and during this pandemic, my loss and isolation have created more pronounced saddened memories as I resonate the tragic experience from almost a year and a half ago. It seems more remorseful and over-shadowing my thoughts of once a partial closure of events. Sudden loss of a loved one is difficult enough, but this pandemic and its requirements are another focus to exhaust my mind at times. Does anyone else feel this threshold of a heart-wrenching past event coming to the forefront?

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