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Are You a Destructive Parent?

These are five warning signs you may have crossed the line, and what to do about it. It’s never too late to change bad patterns.

1 Comment: Are You a Destructive Parent?

  1. This article claims a person is ‘toxic’ and ‘destructive’ and ’emotionally abusive’ if they fail to be perfectly vigilant against anything harmful online for a tween.

    Is this for real?

    This is also not what is usually meant by ‘age appropriate boundaries.’

    At best one is too permissive or lax. But this is not emotional abuse.

    The kind of thinking where he parent must vigilantly protect their child against many random threats and the child is seen as an irresponsible person in constant jeopardy is itself extremely harmful.

    Parents should try to learn about electronics, etc. But parents do get tired, or are unaware of dangers or are technologically challenged. Also, the ‘parental controls’ are not good on many devices. Parental website blockers can be gotten around.

    Do we really want to consider it abuse if someone is tired and decides to actually trust their 12 year old for an afternoon? Is that where we’re at now in America?

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