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10 Ways to Actually Beat Deadlines

Deadline. It just sounds ominous, doesn't it? But take heart: You can tackle any project with these tried-and-true time management tricks, like taking frequent breaks and asking for help when it counts.

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  1. Me: looks up how to manage time, not procrastinate, and not get distracted when you have adhd because I have a lot of work to do today

    also me: gets distracted by the articles and ends up spending an hour researching adhd tips with no intention of using them instead of working on the 5 assignments due in 12 hours that I haven’t even started yet

  2. Procrastination will become a bigger problem to solve if you be aware of these tips (Particularly, if you have learned them from others).
    In fact, these methods are fine until you find out they are “methods”. If it sounds nonsense to you, I have to say that recently, I experienced the whole process that led to a huge failure. It was about my thesis. Although I didn’t know that I have ADD before last month, it was much easier to deal with procrastination.
    Conclusion: If you feel you are procrastinating too much and also have a family history of ADD or bipolar disorders, please seek professional help (medication, in some cases) as soon as possible, instead of investing too much time on reading the net. It’s not heart attack, but it can lead to a trouble that is equal to a heart attack, if not more. For example, I did a lot of stupid things which caused a series of bad feelings which in turn, made me to do more stupid things. All of them started just after my aforementioned failure, i.e. crossing the deadline of my thesis. Something like Butterfly Effect. Sometimes, psychological condition elevates at some points where mental stability and productivity are of least importance in comparison to more serious dilemmas.
    Best Wishes,

  3. I like your suggestions, but hiring a “nanny” is really something only the affluent can afford, I think another solution, such as a partner or asking a friend to help out would be a better suggestion.

    1. Unless you have a “virtual nanny ” – a partner on Skype [found mine on Facebook .. pseudo body double]

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