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10 Time-Management Tips for ADHD Brains

We are tuned into the clock on New Year’s Eve. The rest of the year? Not so much. Time management is a lifelong challenge for many people with ADHD. These tips and tricks from ADDitude readers can help.

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  1. I am so excited that I found this page about adult adhd! I am a nurse and my job is labor intensive and people rely on me to be on task and on time. I have been struggling for years with my time management at work and home and am afraid at this moment that I may be at risk for loosing my job. I do take medication and wonder if it’s time for a change to see if a different medication may be better for me. I cannot wait to dive into reading some advice on all of the challenges that I face daily. One of the other biggest challenges is the perception others have of me. I just wholeheartedly want to be successful and be the best person I can be!!

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