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Whatever Happened to Good Old Singletasking?

For adults with ADHD, multitasking saves time — but can lead to costly mistakes. Expert advice on becoming more efficient by tackling just one thing at a time.

4 Comments: Whatever Happened to Good Old Singletasking?

  1. Multitasking – in my understanding – is not only about time. It is also about the quality of attention. That is why only routine tasks should be handled parallel.
    Not because we lose time when switching between them but because we lose quality.

  2. The advice seems to be hardly realizable for ADDs. Sounds as if given to by a person without the syndrome and any knowledge about it to another person without it.

    1. What I read was that the nornal brain looses time depending on the tasks being attempted at once and given direction how to be efficient in the multitasking process. By acknowledging that that the normal brain functions in a similair manner as the ADHD brain clarifies that the particular function can be recignized simply to how THE brain works yet those with ADHD experience a more intensely causing severe interactions in the daily routine (or lack there of). However you understand it, it provides a solution to a problem. This is my ADHD perception and overthinking can take hours from my day.

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