Teens with ADHD
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Time Management for Teens: "Scheduling is Power"

Teens have a lot to juggle between school and activities, but it can be made even more difficult if they are also managing ADHD. Learn how prioritizing what's important, waking up on time, and even meditation can help.

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  1. I feel like this article is great in explaining some of the effects ADHD has on time management and organizational skills, and it demonstrates some things that people who have decently functioning executive functions can DO to overcome these effects. But if, as many people with ADHD do, you have a significant executive function deficiency, you will read this article and think, “That all SOUNDS great, but completely overwhelming,” because it actually TAKES executive functions to ENACT most of the measures you propose.

    I really think we need to start asking more of science, to help us figure out what it IS in the brain that causes certain people to have trouble with task initiation, self-regulation, impulsivity, focus, working memory, planning, organization, visualization, and/or processing speed.

    If my 13-year old has trouble seeing that doing A will lead to B which will lead to C, or if she has trouble with self-regulation and task initiation, she’s STILL going to have as much trouble implementing many of the fixes mentioned above and sticking to them. A kid that has to jump out of bed to turn off an alarm still has to make the decision to leave the bedroom or flop back in bed.

    I just feel like we may be putting a band-aid on a much larger wound that we have the intelligence and technology to heal in a more advanced, core level.

    People who lose the use of one area in the brain or the function of one body part are able to grow new neural pathways that help them regain function we never thought possible. Can we do this with EF? If we did, I think a lot more schools would take it seriously.

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