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Why Taking Away Recess Is a Counterproductive Punishment

When teachers deny recess for poor classroom behavior or late work, they hurt not only their students with ADHD, but the whole classroom. Learn why 'losing recess' is a terrible punishment — and how you can change the teacher's mind.

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  1. I would be concerned about academic performance being impeded if a child consistently doesn’t practice skills frequently enough which seems to be what happens when a child regularly doesn’t complete assignments. When is the extra time provided to become proficient in needed skills? Also, when does this student develop the soft skills necessary to be competent on the job if they are not taught and reinforced in school and at home while still a student? The employer doesn’t care that a student had an IEP in school.They want the work they are paying you for completed in a timely manner. Are we not setting this student up for failure if we don’t provided the time necessary to teach good work habits?

  2. Thank you for this article!! My son is a 6th grader. His teachers constantly force him to miss recess in order to complete classwork. I am printing off this article and taking it with me as support in our 504 plan review meeting today in support of my request that they add to his 504 plan that recess cannot be taken away from him as punishment or to finish classwork.

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