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"The IQ Idiot"

I went to an Ivy League school, but don't "get" Sudoku. Where does that put me on the spectrum of intelligence?

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  1. By the way, I forgot to mention I have (“ADHD in spades” as one doctor described it); battled with Bipolar, and only recently learned I have a hell of a lot of autism working its way through my system which has recently taken three strokes in the past decade and my head’s still purrin’ nicely. As Willi Nelson put it in a song, “I woke up still not dead again today.” Haven’t started wearin’ my hair in braids or grown a scrawny beard, yet. Yet.

  2. I loved Jane’s final wrap-up sentence: “I’m genius enough to know that I’m anything but an idiot.”

    She’s also intelligent enough to realize that you don’t have to be “book smart” in this, that, or whatever number of subjects to be an intelligent person. It was Socrates who said, “Know thyself.”

    I’ve learned throughout my 68 years of performing all sorts of jobs, working in academia, government, “the news bidness,” transportation, and most importantly through my marriage of 36 years, and doing my best to help the real childhood expert in our family, my wife — it doesn’t take a lot of letters after your last name to give an indication as to how smart or dumb one is. People usually reveal this by letting out how many street smarts they have through general conversation or other dealings.

  3. How true it is . That is just a measurement of one kind of intelligence. I used to say that your total EQ plus IQ equaled 200 and explain away my hundred faux pas a day that way…. well at least it was a 30 lol Picking up social cues was like listening to a foreign language to me . I am oblivious . The trouble only exists when i desire or feel belittled by the skill Or lack thereof .as soon as i accepted these peccadillos peace and calm and warmth and contentment reign.
    I wonder what i will learn in next 70 years.

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