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The 'Art' of Educating Our Kids

The Lab School is an innovative learning environment - grounded in arts education, individual support, and a hands-on curriculum - that may be just what the doctor ordered for kids with ADHD or LD.

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  1. I read this article several times and realized that it is very useful for our family. Then I followed the and read the Objectives Lab School of Washington. It turned out that the goals are large and have a social and pedagogical resonance. There were questions:
    1. What is the guarantee of education that all students realize their potential?
    2. A fascinating education that stimulates curiosity and the desire to solve academic and experienced tasks can actually lead to addiction and dependence. Students get used to this kind of education and cannot continue to study in regular colleges and universities;
    3. How often is the correction of the individual curriculum carried out to ensure intensive, systematic correction and differentiated learning;
    4. What forms and directions allow to fully use the visual and performing arts to facilitate the educational process;
    5. Schools have long divided students into audials, visuals, kinesthetics, digitals. Training adapts to most of them, and this is not a novelty. Question: “What can multisensor and experimental teaching methods bring to class?”;
    6. I agree. One of the most effective ways to achieve a goal is to support and educate parents about differences in learning! How is it done ?;
    7. The thesis to study new methodologies in the field of studying the differences seems to be very vague and requires a specification, so that it would be understandable to parents sending their children to What specific new methodologies will be used ?;
    8. Regarding the implementation of the most efficient technologies in all Lab School programs is not entirely clear. It would be logical to list what has already been implemented and what is supposed to be implemented;
    9. If we do not provide reliable professional development opportunities for teachers and staff, we will not get progress in teaching children. In my opinion at Lab School, this is mostly done. Such a complex and painstaking process cannot occur only on enthusiasm;
    10. To share the results of their programs with public and private schools – to the credit of the Lab School it will be a very democratic process because each method in this area is copyrighted and must be protected.

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