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8 Ways We Think Teachers Should Rethink Homework

Teachers, consider these good homework practices to make nightly learning simpler and more effective — and lead to less stress for your students with ADHD and LD at home.

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  1. I am commenting as an ADHD Senior who as an adult rose to VP of one of the worlds largest brokerage and business consulting age 35. While in school I also was one who never accomplished a single item of work at home. Excepting the copying of a years set of notes when a Geography teacher caught site of my book of doodles. An audiographic memory while undertaking exams meant Key question words, would trigger a memory of exactly what the teacher had said in class. A few months later in a new high school i reached my 16th birthday and was expelled for non completion of homework..
    One of the things I discovered that helped this dilemna along in subjects that were not pure memory or Math related(savant like skills) was DETENTION. This at school time period, quickly became another few minutes to complete all those assignments that were handed in, or were otherwise checked by the teacher. I found that it was easy to concentrate. There was a teacher present to ask questions or get help and it offerred 45 minutes of no distractions.
    Sometimes where you do it is as important as what you do.
    My carryover into the real world was to finish work at work, no matter how long that took. As you can see that served my career well heading up my own consulting firm for 20 years and retiring at 60. After 3 marriages………another time

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