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Who Do You Tell About Your ADHD?

The choice to reveal an ADHD diagnosis is a private -- and often nuanced -- one that ultimately comes down to one thing: stigma. Those who feel compelled to destroy the misperceptions and myths that once haunted them talk openly about their ADHD. Those who find the stereotypes too pervasive or hurtful to battle tend to remain quiet. And many, many ADDitude readers find themselves somewhere in the middle, according to a recent survey.

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  1. To all:
    From reading these many comments it seems that the ADD or ADHD victims are in either the education or medicine fields, These rare employer categories that are understanding and tolerant of this condition.

    I am older than most of you, so please listen to me. I have worked as an engineer in the electronics industry for some 40 years. These employers have zero tolerance for mistakes, missed deadlines or what they perceive as mealy-mouth excuses. Such a startling admission will send your HR director scrambling to the internet and he will assume that you check all the boxes of symptoms. They will think the worst, that you are a drug user or that you will blurt out something stupid in an important customer-facing meeting. You will end up on their secret list of layoff candidates. I once had an HR director tell me that he can fire or refuse to hire anyone he wants and make it all sound legit.

    You are not legally required to disclose such sensitive private information to employers or prospective employers, so DON’T! Breaking news! There at 30 MILLION unemployed, people ready to replace you in case you get fired. So, are you willing to risk your hard-earned reputation and career over a misguided principle? Have a mortgage to pay? Kids in college? Just remember: even Rosa Parks went to jail.

    Peace be with you.


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