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Why You Should Take Control of Your ADHD

Let excuses take a backseat — taking control of your ADHD will help you manage symptoms and live a better life. Here's how.

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  1. I am older than most of you and have an honorable 40 year history as an engineer in the take-no-prisoners for-profit electrical industry. Revealing this embarrassing affliction in either your workaday world or your social sphere is a disaster that will kill you career and leave you ostracized and friendless. I have a reputation as a mildly eccentric nerd but the last thing I want is for jealous coworkers or neighbors to weaponize this information. It’s better to suck it up and be a man.

    Yeah, I know, you’ll file a complaint with the Fair Employment Commission. Haven’t you heard? This is the era of minimalist government and their caseworkers were all laid off. I have an HR friend who told me that he can fire anyone he wants and make it all sound legit. So you’re gonna hire a lawyer while trying to survive on meager unemployment check?

    Publicly admitting to having ADHD or ADD is an act of inspired stupidity IMHO. No one will have any pity for you and you will have a high likelihood of getting FIRED! Then you’ll really “have a hard time paying your bills on time”!

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