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How Music Unlocked My Son's ADHD Brain

Traditional learning programs helped my son, who has ADHD and other special needs, concentrate and focus — but nothing helped him as much as music. Whether he was learning an instrument, listening to a classical concerto, or just clapping along to a beat, Brandon found himself and his strengths in the power of sound.

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  1. An amazing story and a possible explanation for my sudden improvement in grade school skills when i reached grade 5 and began a school sponsored series of violin lessons.This coincided with my three older sisters suddenly needing a dance partner for music which constantly played at home, a paper route which honed my memory and math skills, and a healthy dose of cribbage, scrabble and other games with my mom and dad. I soon developed a voracious appetite for Reading library books from school in this Pre TV era. The result was and remains an almost photographic memory and adaptive ability with numbers.
    Unfortunately, in high school my social skills and intuition lagged behind my age group and Literature and Drama marks sufferred while the others soared.

  2. This explains a lot!
    I’m from a family of classical musicians and while I’m the only one with a diagnosis (mostly due to the social stigma which prevents people from seeking diagnosis/help), I can see that ADHD, dyslexia and Aspergers/High Functioning Autism affects every one of us to some extent. And what a variety that combination can produce! But the most calming influence in our lives has always been music. It’s also a stimulant (jam sessions that go on for hours) and a social glue. I love music, and I have so many reasons to keep on loving it!

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