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The Stars Who Aligned ADHD with Success

Let these successful celebs — like Howie Mandel, Salma Hayek, and Ty Pennington — and their triumphant stories inspire you to harness the power of your ADHD or learning disability.

3 Comments: The Stars Who Aligned ADHD with Success

  1. Time for a reality check here, folks. So before you ordinary people get foolish enough to bare your soul and admit this ADD or ADHD handicap to the world just realize that the celebrities and big shots mentioned in the article are all millionaires. These guys can afford tell their bosses and concert promoters to go screw themselves.

    But how about YOU? Are you a millionaire? Uh huh. Got a mortgage to pay or rent due? Kids in college? A car payment, maybe? Even criminal suspects do not spill their guts unless they are totally ****ing stupid. YOU have the same Miranda rights as any gangsta member under arrest. Your health data are also protected by HIPAA. There is no law that requires you to disclose your intimate health secrets. So don’t!

  2. Although I found the article to be intriguing, I will say I found the jumping between dyslexia and ADHD confusing. The titles suggest it’s successful persons with ADHD but the subtext mentions “or learning disabilities”. I only caught the title at first (phone displays can be cheeky). Nevertheless, its a relatively minor issue to an otherwise interesting read.

  3. I understand where people like Whoopi Goldberg and Howie Mandel and Ty Pennington and Salma Hayek merit articles written about how they faced ADHD and managed to overcome its most debilitating effects. Fine. But can we expect to find a more discerning approach taken when it comes to differentiating between truly famous individuals and show-biz celebrities? There’s a hell of a major difference between listing Abraham Lincoln than a mere celebrity or bigmouth’d celebrity with a possible strain of ADHD (God knows what else) who happens to be our most recently “elected” president. Sometimes there’s something to be said for meritocracy in the fields of government, religion, science and promotion of the humanities, and that should be the primary set of examples to put forth as examples for your young to follow. Yes, let’s hear it for some positive examples of elitism at work on behalf of all mankind.

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