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Preventing Procrastination 101

If your child has ADHD and struggles to finish their homework or hand in assignments, fight procrastination with these three time-tested tips. From setting a timer to starting small, help your student find success in the classroom — and beyond.

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  1. My 5th grade son has enormous trouble staying on task during the 45 minute classroom slot for “independent reading.” He then must make up that reading after school, as additional homework. Perhaps the body double idea might work for him.

  2. The timer is always a great tool for me and my kids – for homework or housework! I even set an alarm to stop myself from staying up too late if I’m absorbed in something Fun! Short amounts of time are a great idea, too. 15 minutes maximum – we often try to “beat the clock” if we are doing dishes or putting things away in a room but it doesn’t have to be a game or contest every time! Another great key to avoid procrastination that I didn’t see in this article but I’ve seen elsewhere (and have lived it since I was a child but didn’t know the term for it!) is “Body Doubling”. If you have to pay your bills, conquer your laundry monster, sort weeks worth of mail, complete a form/homework etc ask a trusted friend or family member – sometimes your dog, cat, bunny or bird might do the trick too – to sit in the same room as you – they can either help (you wash/they dry while you talk about the latest movie/town gossip) OR they can do their own reading/project and just sit near you while you do your own task – still paying attention to the timer, of course! Your body double isn’t there to criticize or rush you. They are there to make you feel like you aren’t alone in your pain or frustration (why did I let my dining room turn into a storage room!? These drawers are filled with stuff from 7 years ago!!) Do ONE shelf – take a break..one drawer…take a break. But don’t eat at every break! Drink water, let the dog out, play 3 words on “words with friends” – then back to your job. Don’t get upset if you don’t clear out the WHOLE garage in one Saturday…That is too much! Praise yourself for starting! Then for completing ONE box, ONE shelf, ONE bag, ONE drawer. If you only sort your family’s socks while you watch tv – that is work DONE! Take a photo of the balled up socks and send it to your mom or sister or best friend with the caption: DONE! They will be proud of you!

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