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How to Banish Negative Thoughts & Feelings

Does your ADHD cause thoughts of despair? Stay positive with these eight simple tips that are sure to bring a smile.

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  1. Th ask for sharing your post resonates with me. The negative energy had devastated me, I’m half the person I should be. I think and feel negative all day, every day and as a result have burned so many bridges. I was referred to an adhd specialist last October, it’s going to be a while before I get the help I need (I turned 40 in dec( all these years of hell and finally I know what it is that makes me different.

  2. I started wearing a rubber band on my wrist. When I say something negative to myself, about myself, or about my job – I snap it. It’s kind of working, because I instantaneously replace that thought by saying that’s a lie!. Actually I say ouch! That’s a lie!

  3. I get the ADHD personality being one of extremes, but I associate black and white thinking with neurotypicals. I think that’s where a lot of the negativity comes from. I don’t fit into their box, and they don’t like it. Then I find myself walking on eggshells, and it still isn’t good enough for others even as they show little to no regard for my feelings in return. I always feel like I’m held on a shorter leash than others, which leads to more failure and self doubt. It’s a vicious cycle.

    1. I hear you. My husband and I, had the same attitude towards my son every time he “had” a flare. One day while he was “whining” cause of a flat tire on a day he prepared him self with more than enough time to go to work and school, we immediately explain to him that he needed to relax and deal with it because it is part of life and his attitude was not going to help. We were very lucky when he turned around and reminded us how we get when things does not go our way and ask us why we think his situation is any different than ours and why we think our attitude was any better than his!!!! Touche. How wrong were we! We have learned sooooo much from my son. I which we had enough money to put ourself thru cognitive therapy too and learn how to become better parents. I am sorry you feel this way too. We humans need to learn to listen a lot more.

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