Autism Spectrum Disorder
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What is Social Communication Disorder?

The symptoms of Social Communication Disorder previously fell under the umbrella of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Now, they merit their own diagnosis and fine-tuned therapy plan. Here, learn SCD’s hallmark symptoms, diagnostic criteria, and treatment options.

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  1. this seems awful lot to some stuff that ADHD in itself causes, not sure if it needs a separate diagnosis… many of us relate to this anyways and because there’s no treatment, no need to seek the dx out. pretty sure it doesn’t even exist in my country’s disorders list at all…

  2. This is a very interesting article.
    I can see how the the person with ADHD would Interrupt or change topics in a conversation because they are less emotionally regulated, are impulsive, and have an impaired working memory.
    Behaviorally speaking, it’s within the ADHD generalized symptoms to have inhibitions socially because of past experiences that gave us less positive responses than others.
    I guess giving the result of all that a name helps tailor the treatment but I don’t think it’s a “new disease” it’s part of all the “lack of ease” associated with being the ADHD neuro-type.

  3. I found this article very interesting, but I would also like to see resources for Adults that struggle in this area. I was not diagnosed with ADHD until I was 38. I’ve often, (like daily) gotten feedback on my communications. Things like, talking too loud, walking away in the middle of a conversation, being rude, not listening, cutting people off in the middle of their sentences, just to m=name a few. Growing up I struggled making friends, was often picked on and was constantly getting in trouble at school for talking TOO much! I will switch gears in the middle of a conversation, but have gotten better at explaining why I did, (usually related or connected thought in my brain, but not necessarily evident to others). In short, I would like resources to help me! Please!

    Jennifer Boberg (52)

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