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9 Sleep Deprivation Solutions for Adults with ADHD

Sleep deprivation and ADHD often feed off one another. How? Racing brains, impulsivity, and poor time management keep us up too late. Then exhaustion exacerbates our symptoms, and the cycle continues. Learn how to take control of your sleep here.

7 Comments: 9 Sleep Deprivation Solutions for Adults with ADHD

  1. I think for a ADHD person, it’s true that these tips are more like a fantasy to do list than real help.
    1. My sleep deprivation is a choice. I’m recently diagnosed, not yet on meds and I am not great with motivation or planning my day. No matter how hard I try, I’m unable to get anything productive done before 5pm, if I went to bed early I would never get anything done in my life!!!! I’d rather be sleep deprived then depressed about my performance at work + school.
    2. even if I go to bed early, my hyperactive mind wakes me up throughout the night. My problem is less about going to sleep and more about waking up at 4am with so much energy I could run a marathon..

  2. RevSpider,what I have found out in this quarantine is that, while meditation wakes me up (and it is a known effect, because meditation induces dopamine and adhd and dopamine has that rare relationship), listen to a postcast, videoclass, something i really want to pay attention to, while doing something (i usually draw to force myself to don’t leave the audio), makes me incredible sleepy. Hopes it helps

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for the observations and tips. In this article you have overlooked the effects of sleep apnoea. I have always woken feeling still tired and unrefreshed. I had a sleep analysis performed, similar to sleep lab procedure. and was diagnosed with sleep apnoea. I was provided with a CPAP machine and mask which prevented snoring and incidents where breathing stops. Rather hard to get used to but definitely improves dramatically the quality of my sleep. Maybe this could be included in articles on causes of low quality sleep.

  4. same problem as RevSpyder and meditation makes it worse, so don’t suggest it, please. A good post about racing thoughts and ADD anywhere? I found a lot but about racing thoughts and anxiety or other mental issues, and their tips do not help, because my thoughts are completely random, and for people with anxiety are things they worry about.

  5. I just can’t emphasize enough how much routines help with my ADHD. I recently changed my bed time, but I still go through more or less the same rituals every night to wind down and signal to my brain that it’s time to sleep, not play video games or hang out on social media. It really does help out a lot.

  6. All well and good, but here’s the problem: either a) I can’t shut my brain off after the lights are out, even if was really sleepy or b) I get up to go to the bathroom, and although I could barely manage to stagger back and find my bed, my brain starts going and if can get back to sleep, it’s sometimes an hour or more. Or I just get up and start my day without nearly enough sleep. So these tips really aren’t helpful. What else ya got? 🙂

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