Autism Spectrum Disorder
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What Are the Signs of Autism in Adults?

Many people do not recognize the signs of autism until adulthood. And, even then, it's often mistaken for ADHD or another comorbidity. Here, learn the signs of ASD beyond childhood.

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  1. Ugh, why the suggestion of ABA? I would have thought being ADDitude; you would have better suggestions than that. Please. There are so many better strategies out there. Add to that the differences for Autistic women and ADHD women; this is not actually helpful

  2. I really like this magazine but I think you need not only more Autistic contributors but also Autistic editors and staff. The reason being is you exclusively use person-first language (disliked by MOST autistic individuals) and praise ABA therapy, which is getting largely denounced nowadays for its ineffective and abusive methodology. Shame on you, ADDitude mag.

  3. Okay, now I’m confused. A lot of signs of autism are the same as ADHD. from what I’ve read, including articles from this site.

  4. “Challenges,” “inability,” “lack,” “awkward,” do non-autistic people hear themselves when they describe people with autism? This is what you get when you speak on behalf of others rather than letting them speak for themselves. Instead of framing the mannerisms of autistic people as inherently flawed, let autistic people tell you the ways in which non-autistic people make their lives difficult.

    I encourage anyone reading this to check out the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) at autisticadvocacy dot org for information for autistic people and their loved ones written by autistic people, which focuses on the joys, rather than the shortcomings, of being on the spectrum, and ways to best support the autistic people in your life.

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