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Why You Lash Out — Sometimes for No Good Reason

Do you slam doors? Throw heavy objects? Give in to road rage? If you overreact or get defensive very easily, these anger-management tips can help.

3 Comments: Why You Lash Out — Sometimes for No Good Reason

  1. Once I got medicated, I realized that I would pick fights when I had to pack for a trip or do similar kinds of organizing. The anger would give me enough adrenaline to focus and get the job done. Once I could get enough focus with meds, I had no need for the anger, and it was gone.

  2. I like the suggestions that are presented here. They are very mindfulness orientated. I think another area to consider for the anger is Rejection Sensative Dysphoria (RSD). One of the examples that you gave is about the son forgetting to take out the trash. The forgetting could also land with Mike as a form of rejection and trigger a response. Until I heard about RSD, I was at a loss to explain why many times I have gotten angry over something seemingly small but I let it consume me. Being aware of the reason for some of my outbursts has allowed me to be mindful of the circumstances where they can occur and to (most of the time now) stop the anger before it escapes me and hurts someone else.

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