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Dyscalculia Test for Adults: Screening for Signs of Learning Disabilities

Could your math-related challenges be symptoms of the learning disability dyscalculia? If you’re concerned that you might have dyscalculia, take this free symptom screening test and discuss the results with your doctor.

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  1. OMG, my life might’ve been so much easier with this kind of understanding was around. I have ADHD, when I was younger we were sent to special classes rooms and taught different things in small groups of 4/5 kids. The teachers were great, it you could tell we weren’t ever gonna get back to regular classes. Hated math I first heard about math anxiety when I got to college in my 20’s. Took my
    Math test in the math department which gave me more anxiety, felt like special ed all over again! Funny thing is that the math class was remedial math. I’ve always excepted that I sucked with number that I have some kinda math dyslexia! I have to get tested for confirmation but I don’t need a 93, on a practice text to tell me. Everything was blamed on my ADHD, then I found nonchemical related therapies and still can’t do math. Basic division, I learned how to count with my fingers by feeling them and not moving them cause of being yelled at for using them! I’m so glad I found this site! I feel reckognized amd optimistic. It’s hard to explain! Excited! Thank you thank you!

  2. I’m 18, And After failing algebra for 6 years of stress and crying, They finally replaced it with a “Being an adult” class and decided I could take Geometry over the summer if I passed it. I’ve been crying to my mom for weeks about how stupid I felt that I was doing math that sixth graders could do and failing it… Every time I cook a class I would just break down and wonder why the hell I wasn’t able to “Just understand it” I didn’t even know this was a thing, I was watching Andi Mack with my little sister, and one of the characters said he had “Math dyslexia” and I laughed, until the other character was like “Yeah, Dyscalculia” And my jaw hit the floor… I immediately grabbed my laptop and started to cry. Years and years of just feeling stupid and being so frustrated and depressed and… I scored a 100%. the chances of there being an explanation is just so emotional for me. It’s not me being stupid, it HAS A WORD. I can’t wait to contact an educational psychologist and see if this is real. I never thought I would be happy about the possibility of having a learning disability.. But this just… makes my life make sense.

  3. I Am struggling with my education i was diagnosed in the 1970’s having a learning disability in the first grade at reseda elementary school i have no proof of this due to records not having any thing on me i was able to make it to high school by going to special education classes but dropped out in the 10th grade my problem is i have a hard time retaining things im unable to focus on things for long periods of time i have huge problems keeping math in my head i still at the age of 51 do not know my time tables i have problems adding in my head and i freeze when it comes to everything to do with education. I Am currently in a behavioral program and trying to face my fears of education everything i sign up for i haven’t a clue how to do it is there any hope fome i would like to get my high school diploma does any one have suggestions

      1. Don’t give up!!! I have no idea how this site came up, but I am so happy it did! I read a little about an Educational psychologist . I haven’t had time to look it up and learn more yet, but I will. Maybe try looking this up for help. Always remember you are not alone!!!!!

  4. my score is 43 percent by the way. not that bad, but i am still obviously showing symptoms, and could do better in a society where math is so valued yet so feared of

  5. oh my god! ive never heard of this term before in my entire life!! i always thought my inability to properly do math was due to my anxiety and thyroid issues (hypoactive, hence, making every body process slower). I used to be great at math in general up until late middle school and early high school. that’s when I noticed how behind I was in math. I barely passed Pre-calc. Then came college exams. I took the ACT four times just so i could pass the math portion but failed every time! I miraculously passed intermediate algebra in university, but failed college algebra and need to take it once more.My driving skills are ok, but could be so much better my god. Im good at every science there is, physics, anatomy, chemistry-math makes sense then, but put it by itself, i cant even calculate a string of numbers for addition without messing up thrice. i came across here today when my mom asked me to add up twenty two items on a calculator and i kept getting it wrong. i just pray that i can get through my university math courses with a ‘C’, because i look like a total duffer with a’s and b’s in my science courses.

  6. I can’t get my results because I don’t own a car or drive because my ADHD is too severe…irony.

  7. I’m 38 years old and I scored 79%. I remember in first grade we had to count to 100. Everyone else in the class was done and long gone to somewhere maybe recess. I was crying and crying and much later I finally got it done. In third grade we had to memorize our multiplication and division tables. We were tested with a time limit. I remember the final time we had to take it I was the last one and all the other students were cheering me onto finish. I finished but barely. I’ve never understood math. If it’s being explained to me over and over I can’t understand what the person trying to explain it is saying anymore. It sounds like gibberish and I start crying from the confusion. My dad always got frustrated at me when he would try to show me. He was a network engineer and loved math. He loved math for electronics and space travel. He was probably incredibly frustrated at my strange inability to understand math or once I did finally get it I would forget everything within the hour.

    1. Rhat describes me to a T. I was born in 1969. I sgiykd have been hwls back in kindergarten. My mom, bless her heart, did not work wirh me before I went to kindergarten. I went to half day afternoon kindergarten. I had the sweetest young teacher who adored me. It was more like glorified playtime. I was sick the first half of the year. And we moved before the. School year was out, in March 1975. I did not start first grade until after labor day in the fall. I also got the teacher from hell, who should never have been allowed to teach young children. My dad was super smart, and math was a breeze. I was an only child. It was a nightmare. I must say that it is a relief to finally know why I can’t do math. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  8. welp Math is why I didn’t go to college. I did graduate high school but no idea how I passed pre algebra or algebra I bt the skin pf my teeth m I still don’t understand it If someone pot a gun to my head and had me do algebra problem I’d be dead. i didn’t even try when I was put on algebta II I went to my counselor to get out. Back then was told I’d never get into college (mid 1980s) if I couldn’t do this
    Oh well! I had to get math credits so just took the basic math again.I can tell time on a non digiral clock due to my age. Now tbey dont teach kids how to sign their name!I’m way too adhd, anxiety etc let’s say to fight My Adhd son who is only ODD with me. He never gets in trouble at school anf not agressive with friends except one that wouldnt keep his hands to himself he had enough and lets say they no longer hang out.

    I went to Business school aftergraduating. I struggled thru business math. My boss wouldalways find mistakes on my monthly report ( with a calculator????) until coworker taught me auto sum feature in excel. so i do n
    haveto calculate much less. i bave to double Check too much behind Adhd is annoying I stull can mess it up ugh. I told him my matg is akin to his spelling. please fotgive errors here I have trouble typing over the phone😑😣

  9. The advice is to follow up by getting tested. Easily done if you’re under 18, but the subject is Adult Dyscalculia. The price, which insurance does not cover for any type of learning disability, is thousands of dollars. I’m a returning adult student giving 110% effort to pass my math courses, but only slipping by with low C grades still- just like when I was younger. Terrible test scores and hours upon hours trying to get through homework, as well as getting tutoring for these results is disheartening to say the least. I can’t afford the massive expense of getting a proper diagnosis. HELP! Please, I’m not stupid, and want to be succesful.

  10. I scored 100% Omg! Once upon a time, I always thought getting 100% was consider a Excellency grade. Boy am I wrong now. After 55 years ago. Still struggling. I haven’t recieved my diploma yet. Untill I complete my Algebra 1. How can I achieve that?

    1. I threatened to sue my college if they didn’t graduate me. I was diagnosed with dyscalculia through a dr the school sent me to.I was on the Deans List, had excellent grades, but couldn’t get through algebra. I contacted an attorney through the American With Disabilities website. Soon after they stepped in, my biology classes were used in place of my algebra requirement. I had A’s in biology.Don’t give up! Ask for help like I did!

      1. I wish I knew this earlier in life 🙁 I wanted a degree in psychology but it required too much math so I choose art instead. I felt like I got jipped out of what I wanted to do because my inability to do math and my college’s inability to allow accomodations for my degree. But so happy for you ! That’s rad you got someone to stick up for you !

      2. Good for you! Thank you so much for sharing this! Math was THE only factor that prevented me from even going to college. I have dyscalculia without being officially diagnosed. No doubt. I also have ADHD.

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