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Autism Test: Signs of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adults

Could I have autism? What does autism spectrum disorder look like in adults? How do I know if I am autistic? What about Aspergers? Take this free autism test for adults and share the instant results with a health professional for evaluation.

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  1. Hmm as someone who has been recently diagnosed with ASD, I don’t understand why I only got 31. Perhaps as I was diagnosed as an adult and I have been forced to mask for so long? I don’t think this should be on here. I am diagnosed ADHD as well and enjoy reading the articles on this website. I like to think this website is an example of a reliable source but I feel disappointed and invalidated.

  2. I already know I am autistic. This test is completely inaccurate. No matter if your (non) gender. It would be so worth it for a good site like yourself to invest in asking people that are autistic what to use. This is about as bad as the ADHD test pg my psych had me do. All about how things may present outwardly. And soooooo vague.

  3. I really think this “quiz” should be removed from this site. It’s unscientific, incredibly specific, and doesn’t give the broad symptoms of autism nearly enough nuance. I literally laughed out loud at the “eccentric professor” question. That’s not even the right phrase, it’s “nutty professor”! Is “eccentric professor” a common enough phrase that it’s a criterion for a cognitive disorder? Do you think every autistic person takes turns of phrase so literally that they would think “but I don’t work in academia!” if they’re called such a thing?

    Please remove this quiz. It’s been up for years despite numerous comments from actual Autists decrying its validity. Running a mental health resource site is serious business. I have found ADDitude to be very helpful in the past but items like this absolutely tank its reputation.

  4. There are lots of inaccuracies in this test, or things that are badly worded. I’d recommend anyone who thinks they might be autstic to take a more established test like AQ (Autism Quotient). It feels like someone here has taken a load of stereotypes and turned them into a quiz. A few thoughts:

    It’ss very common for autistic women (& some men) to ‘mask’, which means they pretend to be neurotypical. So, for example, I wasn’t bullied at school, nobody would think I’m a crazy professor, I’ve taught myself eye contact and small talk. Basically I can trick people into thinking I’m neurotypical. It’s incredibly stressful to do and has a huge impact on mental health and does not mean a person is not autistic. Because of masking, autism cannot diagnosed by how other people see you or how you present yourself to the world.

    Some autistic people are very good at maths and music, but it’s not a means of diagnosing autism.

    I do find metaphors confusing, so I don’t understand what a memory like a steel trap means – who uses a strange metaphor in a quiz aimed at autistic/possibly autistic people?

    “When you’re having a conversation with someone, do you prefer to look at the wall, their shoes, or anywhere but directly into their eyes?” This question cannot be answered with “very often, often, etc” – You give three options, but how can I choose one in the answer?

    Some of this stuff – lovable professor, gifted musician, mathematician, who trips over things and says inappropriate stuff on social occasions and has no understanding of embarrassment – is like a stereotype from a film or tv show. It made me laugh that you think this is an actual way to diagnose autism. Possible autistics, do yourselves a favour and get a proper diagnosis!

  5. I’ve done pretty much every online autism test & am definitely autistic…except on this one. So many questions here just don’t really make sense. So autistic people all excel at music and maths? Huh? Some do, but we’re not all geniuses, or some of us might have other areas of expertise.

    As for “Is your memory like a steel trap?” Um, I’m autistic, so why on earth would you put some weird imagery into a question unless you don’t understand autism at all? I spent ages wondering what on earth this might mean. Stuff gets into my mind and can’t get out again? My mind springs closed whenever I hit on any info? I’m in middle age, so I sort of know that this probably means that you are asking if I am good at holding onto information. But then I’m middle aged so I no longer hold onto info like I did 30 years ago… Maybe it’s just a stupid question.

    Was I bullied as a child? No, because I am great at pretending to be normal. That doesn’t make me neurotypical, it makes me APPEAR neurotypical to many people.

    Do friends refer to me as an “eccentric professor”? No, of course they don’t because they’re adults who don’t talk like children in a 1970s movie.

    I really think this questionnaire is dangerous. I’m autistic and have enough knowledge to see the shortcomings, but for others it might put them off getting assessed professionally. Some people experience decades of misery and inability to understand themselves or be understood because they haven’t been diagnosed. Please either direct people to more reputable tests like AQ or RITVO, or get this one re-written by someone with knowledge of autism.

  6. This is…. not a good quiz. Like at all. Somebody in previous comments said it best, “Your questions seem based on bad stereotypes perpetuated by movies and the press”.
    I’ve been diagnosed with autism. I’m VERY AUTISTIC. So explain to me why I scored 30/88? Autism cannot be boiled down to liking certain subjects and not being able to make eye contact (also an acquirable skill btw)
    I’d suggest for anyone else to take the ASPIE QUIZ, made by autsitics for autistics (aspie being a shorthand for Asperger’s), still not a diagnosis but much more accurate

  7. I was diagnosed with it in 2016 ( I was 16 years old ) however since then I’ve noticed symptoms that aren’t exactly lined up with Autism or ASD my mom and grammy say when I was little I was very strange and my doctor called me ” Unique ” I guess cause he was baffled to why I started walking and growing teeth so early however… My speaking did not start until I was 4 years old that I could speak in full sentences or paragraphs with some very simplistic words I would pronounce very wrong anyways that’s the backstory so these are currently my symptoms: Restlessness,Depression, Manic Like states, Sociopathic Behavior, Emotionally Numb,Inappropriate Reactions to Sad or Scary Events (in fact it’s actually delayed),Aggressive Behavior sometimes even turning dangerous if I’m Angry enough., Sensitive to Sunlight or Very Bright colors like Neon Or Highlighter colors,sound like constantly someone talking to me makes .E shutdown and say stop to them I’ve had about 10 of these episodes so far., Disorganized in Real Life but online not so much., Social Isolation, Bland or Plain Words will come out if someone asks me to describe Sadness. Frequently Learns and is Very very Curious about almost everything, Inappropriate Jokes about Tragedies ( I think that’s just a coping mechanism ), Oftenly corrects myself because I typed the wrong word or said the word that is opposite to what I was trying to originally say. My voice is very Monotone many say and I do not have facial expressions very much i can smile and such but not as much as most people would , Jokes I don’t get sometimes, Suicidal Thoughts , Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks. And unable to look at strangers or people I don’t like in the eyes,Have stunned Doctors who don’t even know what some of the conditions I have looked up and researched on cause that’s what I do,a Walking Textbook is basically what I would call myself oh and the last symptom and it’s a very bad one Very Violent Outbursts that may occur when someone calls me something I don’t like I’ve been called crazy before and let’s just say that person is scared of me now but also Psychosis, Paranoia, Hallucinations ( Visual and Auditory), Extremely Disturbing or Very odd Dreams, but now comes the biggest one that most people I tell ” you don’t wanna see it or hear it when it happens ” so what happens is I have Mental Breakdowns and when that happens I’ll grab my head or put my arms over my head begin frantically crying one day to the point of which was beginning to cause me to struggle breathing, I let out probably what every person would consider as a Deafening Scream that almost Causes people to go deaf cause it’s high pitch and it’s LOUD I would I will grab my legs and begin rocking and my eyes will be all wide as if a deer in the headlight of a car I have these breakdowns only if one or multiple people are Yelling at Each other or at me which I find scary due to Various Traumatic Events of which Yelling was involved in But I’ll Start Trembling and Shaking as if i just got out of a hot tub in -20 Degrees, and I’ll wail and cry and say I’m sorry over and over and over again as if I’m apologizing for something???? ( not sure exactly what or why ), Profanity may come out but more than likely not I get very mad followed by Remorse ( Probably the Only Emotions I have is sadness and Anger ) and that’s all

  8. Several of the ASD message boards I’m on to say that this website is unreliable and not to use it but it came up on a search and I thought it might be fun to take the test. Like many others here I am diagnosed already. It told me I was 35% chance. Of course these things aren’t going to be official but you do present it as such.

    Let’s look at this question:
    Do your family members lovingly refer to you as the “eccentric professor” of the family, even though you don’t work anywhere near academia?

    Hi. If you knew anything about Spectrum people you would know that we are very literal. No one has ever called me The Eccentric Professor. They may have called me terms that imply the same but that exact verbiage has never been used so I have to answer never. I left someone on the Spectrum was called exactly that phrase they’re going to select never. You might want to learn a little bit about ASD. That’s not the only question with that kind of problem.

  9. There are so many things wrong with this, but I just want to say, Why is this labeled and tagged as a self-test for ADULTS? when only two questions use “I”?? every other question is “Does your child” I couldn’t even take this test out of curiosity because it’s NOT A SELF-TEST. I don’t know if this is a glitch or what, but fix it. Or better yet, based off of all the other comments, just take it down.

  10. going through this test is the most painful thing i have ever tried to do, and this question i do not know how to answer
    I prefer to play individual games and sports like golfing, bicycling, or sailing. Team sports like baseball or basketball are not my thing.
    Very Often

    as sports itself i cant deal with but games like board games and computers games i love and they only mention sports items but have the word games in the question, been suck for ever

  11. I’ve never even considered autistic spectrum applying to myself. My 1st time even taking a quiz of this basis/nature and 1st time that I ever googled or liked into Autism for any reason, ever. Score:88%. The ‘best friend’ question I answered inaccurately, according to the quiz results. But I have always felt different, my entire life. I’m nearly 45 years of age now and I don’t even care about being in any friendship. I prefer to be alone. At times I even think that I was created and meant to be alone, because I never fit in, anywhere. Hate crowds, absolutely hate them. 2 concerts I attended, featured me out and both times I wandered off to be alone in a quieter environment, even though I loved the music/artists.I had people I considered best friends throughout childhood, but looking back… they never lasted and when I did have those bf eras, I made them habitual. As in they would be the only person I would interact with and typically would wanted to be alone in my time with them. Also I would be an introvert, even while being in their presence, often reading or drawing (which as an adult I realize that is more of an individual task). Could i really have this? I truly don’t know the 1st thing about it. What would they do, if I was diagnosed? I consider myself high functioning, if in fact I have this condition (I prefer to think of it more as a personality rather than condition). What type of doctor would I seek to further delve into this? How could I go 45 years and only now be pondering ASD? I’m a bit freaking out right now. Not in a bad way, more like ‘oh man, this all makes alot more sense’ way. I’ve been told I was ‘gifted’ throughout my younger years. Ace tests after not even studying ….or being present for teachings. Can gifted and autism be confused with each other? I definitely have issues with social interactions and fitting in.

    1. This is the exact process that I’m currently going thru, and feel Tyne same way! I am 40 years old, and raised an autistic boy with the future mother to my son, and now this makes more sense. Ty for writing this. You’re very brave. We’re gifted. I believe people with no mental disorder have a difficult time thinking multidimentionally. I am creative, I have read allot of books containing loads of inventors, musicians, artists, etc., that Jane mental “disabilities”. Ty, everyone is beautiful to someone :). God Bless you Kimmysown.
      Sincerely, Richard N.

    2. * = typo correction (no edit comment available)
      -1st time ever googled or *looked* into (not liked)
      – 2 concerts, both *freaked* me out (not featured)

  12. I have been diagnosed as autistic (I just took this quiz for fun, really – I’m on this site to find out about ADHD), I got 53% here, but WTF is with “it’s possible that you are suffering from some symptoms of autism spectrum disorder”???!! I am most certainly NOT “suffering” from being autistic!! There is nothing wrong with me and you DESPERATELY need to change the wording here! Being autistic isn’t something that is wrong with me, it is a different way of being, that is all, just like me being bisexual isn’t something that is wrong with me. I am no more “suffering” from symptoms of bisexuality than I am from symptoms of autism and the DSM needs to stop referring to it as a disorder! I am different, not wrong!

  13. I’m so tired of test after test revealing the same
    Results and SELLING the same products and solutions ADd
    ADD and ADHD folks are some of the most brilliant people areond yet no one offers scholarship programs or centers doing scientific testing to verify organic issues and offer only experiential solutions to their problems. It’s the same as psychiatric issues. Let’s not bother to measure neuro transmitters but only attempt to force the body to increase their presence when we have real replacement s available. Sorry to be so negative. Am surrounded by chaos and critical paperwork and organizing to do but no help. The DEA has forced providers to fear being doctors and keep experimenting with solutions they know work at least a little better than the unaffordable and mediocre behavioranle approaches. We are allowed to drink alcohol, use marajuana and finally other similar substances but continued to send time trying to get hyperactive and brilliant people to squeeze their overactive brains into a box. I’m not saying it doesn’t help only that it’s taking the long way around to a mediocre solution

  14. 59% but some questions are iffy. Like I talk to everyone about the same, which is TMI. I’m as friendly to co-workers as I am to friends at a party. Also, I’m not really good at math or music but I can build furniture from scratch without plans or training in wood working. I. Other words I’m mechanically inclined. I fix our appliances all the time, I just look at them and figure it out, never took electronics. I was diagnosed with ADHD but I have stimming, and sensory symptoms. I might not clear my throat in a library, but I catch myself singing of talking to myself. Unless ADHD and Autism over lap, why do I have stimming, I have a certain fabric I reach over and touch frequently, I’ve had since I was a kid, I used to suck my thumb while touching it, and that helped me feel calm, my dad threw it away cuz he wanted me to stop sucking my thumb. Thumb sucking comes up under stimming too. Luckily I had a spare. I need heavy blankets to sleep. Certain fabrics are too scratchy, and I’m weird about stuff being too tight. I’m very sensitive to artificial lighting and noise. My dad had noisie hobbies like model air planes and car restorations. He once honked the swings horn on the model T he restored while my mom was taking our photo sitting on it, I went hysterical. Blenders, food processors, vacuums, and saws all terrified me. I hate going to the dentist, I can’t stand the polishing at the end, the sound, vibration, texture, and taste are torture. I can’t make friends, I ended up being to gregarious. I actually just want people to like me,I don’t actually want to spend any time with them. What does this mean?

  15. Q10 is a incomplete question. I have a steel trap memory depending on the subject or information. So this “test” seems unscientific and too generic. Not exactly impressed.

  16. I’ve been diagnosed twice and the only part of this quizz that applies to me is the fact that I’m uncomfortable maintaining eye contact when I’m tired and I’m often referred to as the book smart one among my family and peers. I loath math, and I only enjoy fiction when it comes to reading. Your questions seem based on bad stereotypes perpetuated by movies and the press. ASD is so vast with so many different traits that it’s impossible to break it down to a ten question quiz. I’m a part of a large network of women on the spectrum and many of us have amazing friendships, spouses, and families. Please stop feeding into the misconception that we are all loners who have no social skills or empathy. Just because we don’t often express ourselves as enthusiastically as many neurotypical people do does not mean that we don’t feel anything such as second hand embarrassment. While many of us prefer to be literal, we aren’t oblivious to different phrases. I thrive on sarcasm and have been told I’m quite punny at times. Please do your research more thoroughly before publishing quizzes like this that cause so much misunderstanding about our community. I could easily equate this quizz to saying “you might be a minority if you are affiliated with gang violence, live in the projects, or never graduated high school.”

    1. To USB-Port,
      I want to thank you for your response. Everything you described about yourself was really helpful to me. I took this (suboptimal) test because I am looking for help navigating this issue in relation to myself. I doubt you will ever respond since your comment was over a year and a half ago, nevertheless I’d like to ask if you have any recommendations for websites, books, general advice on adult autism. Thanks in advance if you actually do respond! 🙂

  17. Also this test has reloaded three times now after I’ve completed it. I’m not sure if it’s my glitchy mobile hotspot or a problem with the test itself but its very annoying.

      1. The same thing happened to me. I took it only one time though. I won’t do it again, then it becomes manipulative. Get your tests right, authors. There’s no excuse for mistakes such as this in this type of self-test.

  18. I’m confused about the wording of the last question. Being aware of minute details, like a person who has a different haircut, is, to my knowledge, a part of autism. I’m confused as to the wording of that question, because it makes it sound the opposite, as if being unaware of details is the trait being screened for.

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