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[Self-Test] Auditory Processing Disorder Symptoms in Adults

Adults with auditory processing disorder may struggle to understand and communicate with the world. Though most symptoms are diagnosed in childhood and adolescence, these lingering signs at home and work could point to APD, particularly in adults with ADHD / ADD.

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  1. I have keyed this comment in three times and have grown tired of the page reloading on my ipad and erasing the whole comment with out letting me go back to previous page. Like this questionnaire the page is not senior friendly or applicable.
    I am 73 and those ADHDers from this era seldom made it through high school …no supports, no diagnosis, and definitely enterred the work environment at a young age. In my case by the age an actuary was leaving his B Comm program had his or her FSA we were VPs of the consulting company they hoped to get enough insurance company experience to join.
    Your question do not apply to our age group. As adhders we have probably been divorced more than once. If not our earnings capacity was severely hindered by the condition. For personality types see Edison,Trump or einstein. Marriages were tough on our wives and pocketBooks.
    All this to tell you that despite our successes we ended up as Seniors , Single, with very little income, hence no cell phones, we worked way to hard to ever attend a rock concert. If we are male and single we dont use nor never had a blender and i assume the cleaning lady vacuums monthly or more often if one can afford it.
    Language arts is something taught at high school or University we think, not any school we might have attended even though we wrote reports for a living. We try not to talk to the walls or ourselves and having company over….you must be kidding see messes and other living habits of adhders.e Bars and concerts see comment above. Whats a conference call. Working my way out of a cubicle and into a private office was completed in 1972…..senior executive by 76. Cant quite remember why except it was a symbol of success.
    Written communication was necessary in my world but a lot of phone calls occurred all of which were documented. Or people renegged on promises.
    For this and many other reasons we need an over 55 version of this test. This one must be helpful for young adults but not the older boomers who come to think of it have had none of the immense research done on this subject either.

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