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My Kids Are on Screens All Day: Is That Okay?

How should our screen rules change during a pandemic? Are there long-term repercussions for loosening the limits? What can parents realistically do to mitigate these risks while stuck at home? Here, two digital media experts offer ADHD-specific insight and supports.

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  1. Thank you for a REALISTIC view of our current world. My teen has ADHD and we, usually, regulate him much more than we currently are. Zoom, online gaming, Instagram messaging…these are all ways my kids (10 & 15) are retaining some hold on a social life! Hanging out in real life is, obviously, irreplaceable. However, we are scientific believers and, therefore, are not having friends over or hanging out with people during this pandemic. For my son, playing online with his friends has been the thing keeping him sane and happy. He has to read, do math practice, do a chore, and workout every day…but then we’re off his back & he plays and talks into the wee hours of the night. I feel like so many are quick to judge…but LIFE IS HARD right now, and if this helps our kids navigate these crazy times..SO BE IT! We also have time for family movies, card games, walks, etc. I totally agree that instead of making them get off screens, we need to model being off screens (lets face it, I’m doing A LOT more FaceBooking & Instrgramming right now, too!) and do something that entices them off of their games, etc. That way, it’s not an argument and we all win!

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