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Return to Roe v. Wade Ruling May Disproportionately Impact Girls with ADHD

Roe v. Wade Ruling May Disproportionately Impact Girls with ADHD

“By limiting a woman's right to choose, the Supreme Court decision is likely to have chilling effects on the health and mental health of women with ADHD, not just immediately but over the long term.” — Stephen Hinshaw, Ph.D.

8 Comments: Roe v. Wade Ruling May Disproportionately Impact Girls with ADHD

  1. What part of killing a baby do you not understand?
    The first words are wrong, “By limiting a woman’s right to choose,”
    The choice is made when the question to have sex is answered.
    Everyone who cares should help teach our young that babies are made by having sex.
    Humans are set apart from the animals. We can understand the consequences of our actions.
    Don’t commit murder because you made a poor choice.
    Remember, murder is wrong…
    A baby is a baby = S.L.E.D.
    -Size is irrelevant.
    -Level of development (1 month? | 2 years?)
    -Environment, the womb is a sacred space.
    -Dependency – How dependent are you?

    Please think, don’t react.

  2. Wow, to read this type of polarizing/politically charged article for teenage girls in an ADHD magazine is quite shocking. Girls and young women already have trouble making decisions, and need to be empowered to be strong, not to take an easy way out that just makes money for big abortion. This is really sad for me to see. Women and girls with ADHD are powerful, and they need tools to navigate relationships to get through their young years in ways that are non-violent and an “easy way out” as well as take accountability for their actions. They need to see that they don’t have to have sex with an aggressive male or someone who is pressuring them. Giving into abortion by pressure from young men at a young age is teaching this woman to cave to men and that she has no sense of self. I am very involved in the adhd community and am afraid for young girls now, learning to be less strong and more pressured than ever by articles like these.

  3. this is nonsense! these girls are not being forced to have sex. your choices are BEFORE you get yourself knocked up not after. rape isn’t even plausible. they give you a pill the minute your report and you have time to take measures into your own hands to prevent pregnancy. there are so many ways to prevent that it is just lunacy and laziness to assert otherwise. disappointed in this website for being so obviously liberalized media. responsibility is on the person and the parents. where they do make impulsive and negative choices there are always alternatives to those choices that do not consist of murdering an already forming child in the womb up to and including directly after birth. that is murder. medical abortions or rather medical procedures are still very much used. Abortion is a heart beat, killing a living child. its horrific how those babies are torn apart. and then sold for parts! medical procedures are still completely legal. This didn’t change anything but a false narrative. SHAME ON YOU ADDitude!!!

  4. I don’t mean to sound callous or insensitive to the plight of those with ADHD nor the pressures that girls face with entering sexual relationships perhaps before they are mature enough to accept the responsibilities; however, outside of the cases of rape, no girl, ADHD or not, is forced to put themselves in the position of getting pregnant. It cannot be stressed enough that abortion is not designed to be a form of birth control. Placing blame on the Supreme Court for the mental health of children and adolescents that are making very poor decisions, as they try to save lives of unborn babies, seems to be very off target. Consider the fact that since the passing of Roe v. Wade, more than 19 Million African American babies were aborted due to Planned Parenthood, because these were “unplanned pregnancies.” This also should be a sobering statistic.

  5. Very disappointed to see the editors treat as indisputable Fact that abortion is healthcare. You present multiple sources holding to the same viewpoint on this very divisive issue. While most Americans want to keep some abortions legal, the overwhelming majority, including many physicians, want substantial restrictions on abortion.

  6. Regarding the overturning of RvW… was unconstitutional from the beginning. It’s returned to the states because it’s always been a state issue. Those states where it’s legal it’s still legal. Those are the facts. If one lives in a state where it’s not legal then go to a state where it’s legal to have an abortion.

  7. Rebecca, thank you for sharing your story—you worded it very very articulately. I am not here to debate the merits (or lack thereof) of abortion, but I was saddened the article was focused on eliminating a “stigma” and not getting ADHD women the supports needed when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. I’m glad your child brings you such joy!

  8. I am a woman with ADHD who had an unplanned pregnancy at a young age. It saddens me that we focus so much on “eliminating the problem” as our only solution. My daughter has been one of the best things that happened to me. In fact, if it were not for her ultimately being diagnosed with ADHD, I maybe never would have figured out what was “wrong” with me (a quest I’d had since childhood). My daughter has been a path to abundant life. She has been a source of joy, learning, growth, and beauty. Unplanned pregnancies are hard – and we can do hard things. Abortion is not the only answer, and I’m not even convinced it’s a good one. What I could have used most was not an abortion, but a little bit of love and a whole lot of good educational services to help me learn how to manage my life from that point forward. It has been a challenging road, but my daughter is now preparing to enter a career helping neurodivergent children. I can’t imagine life without her!

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