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"How Ritalin Saved My Child"

"I thought my son was fine just the way he was. But if he was going to make it through school, something needed to change." One parent's story of making the difficult, but necessary decision to treat her son's ADHD symptoms with the medication Ritalin.

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  1. Don’t be so hesitant to medicate your ADD kid!

    Nothing worked for me like Ritalin. I went from a report card full of incompletes to straight A’s in one semester.

    All the counseling, tutoring, dieting, organized systems … Waste of money and precious time.

  2. My son has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and is taking this medication. I’ve read awful things about the medicine and also about ADHD. It breaks my heart seeing what some people say about ADHD and then seeing what my son goes through. I ask myself all the time am I doing the right thing for him and how will this affect him throughout his life.
    I am glad yo have finally read something positive and that I’m not alone.
    Thanks so much for this. I needed it.

  3. This is so insanely familiar. I could write a book on the things we went through with school and friends and counselors and so on. My son was diagnosed with ODD, Adjustment Disorders all kinds of things. When we came into contact with our current counselor, he change the whole game. We have a proper diagnosis, a new school, and things could not be brighter for my son. I would be lieing if I said I was not worried about the long lasting side affects of Ritalin, and the what if’s (will he be on this forever? etc) but I have to trust that we are where we are for a reason. THANK YOU for this article.

  4. I too have struggled with the idea of medications for my 9 year old daughter. She was diagnosed with mild autism at the age of 2 and that has changed to ADHD. She is at an ‘atypical’ private school with a personal aide that helps her stay on track and has been doing well in most of her subjects. She was an early reader and has a talent for art. She loves to draw and colour, and has an active imagination for writing stories or composing songs. She struggles with Math and Science, but then…. so did I. Now that she is in grade three I have noticed her difficulty in making friends and fitting in. She has commented on being ‘stupid’ since she needs an aide and understands that her brain works differently than the other kids. It breaks my heart to see her struggle. On a recent teacher interview they had told me that if she had one wish to make it would be ‘to be able to focus’. She tries so hard and is kind, loving and energetic. It is like she has to work twice as hard as every other kid to get the same results.

    That was it, I decided after many attempts at vitamins, behavioural therapy, a year and a half of Karate that we joined together, and many other attempts that I would give meds a try. At first it was 10 mg Vyvannse a stimulant amphetamine. It was disastrous…she couldn’t sleep well, had emotional outbursts, paranoia, feelings of depression. The aide saw no signs of focus improvement, nor did I at her Karate classes so now we are going to try Biphentin 10 mg. It is a Methylphenidate and much like Ritalin. I didn’t see it listed on the ‘meds list’ on ADDitude, but I am hoping I get the results in the article. I really appreciate the ADDitude magazine and forums as it has helped me so much in looking for a good school, how to handle behavioural issues, and now finding the right medications. I will keep you posted on how it works out and just want to thank everyone for posting their experiences. It has helped me to cope and find the best treatments for my daughter. It is also nice to know that there are other parents going through the same struggles to find the best help for their kids.

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