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It’s Not Bribery. It’s Brain Chemistry.

“The anticipation of a reward creates dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters not playing nice in our kids’ brains. By coaxing the creation of dopamine, we’re helping to gas up the prefrontal cortex so that it can sit still, pay attention, keep hands to self. But the anticipation of a negative outcome creates no dopamine. No dopamine, no gas, no working brain.”

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  1. Also, think of this example: Many work environments have a sign that says “X many days without an accident” and some of those employers offer team bonuses once a certain goal is reached. So, a sign at home with “X many days without [primary acting out behavior]” or even a series of signs for no physical violence, no verbal violence, no tantrums, etc. could be very useful. I think multiple signs help to reinforce progress over perfection – in my youth, I’ve had moments when I was so upset that I couldn’t “use my words”, but it was far better to raise my voice than to raise my fists.

  2. Hah this also doesn’t magically work for ADULTS with ADHD so very strange reading on this site.

    Could do without the nods to diet culture as well.

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