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“If the Story of My Unplanned Pregnancy Helps Just One Person, It Was Worth Sharing.”

“The suggested solutions for ending a pregnancy were dangerous. Only impulsive girls prone to risk-taking would attempt them. I picked one and followed through.”

2 Comments: “If the Story of My Unplanned Pregnancy Helps Just One Person, It Was Worth Sharing.”

  1. I’m a guy in his pre-geezer years but I’ve seen a lot in my 7 decades. The author’s heartfelt comments apply to ANY woman facing an unwanted pregnancy, not just ADD patients.

    I never met my maternal grandmother and grandfather. During the Great Depression my grandfather got laid off and there was no social safety net. Financial sustenance to unmarried pregnant women is not much better today. My grandmother was pregnant with No. 5. She had a dangerous coat hanger wire abortion, endured agony and died. My grandfather took hand gun self-treatment. My mother and her siblings were raised by an emotionally abusive aunt and uncle. Oh, the misery and the suffering! And not because of my grandparents’ religion BUT BECAUSE OF SOMEONE ELSE’S RELIGION!

    So, to all the self-righteous anti-choice folks out there, analyze this! You will fight like hell for an unwanted kid to be born, but once here, they’re on their own. Where are you gonna be , where are you gonna be when the mother drops out of Schoo and lives in abject poverty? Where are you gonna be when the chid needs diapers and formula? Where are you gonna be when the fatherless kid joins a gang and acquires a rap sheet? HUH? Where are you gonna be when he drops out of school? I CAN’T HEAR YOUUU!

    So nice of you so-called pro-life folks. If you’re gonna stick your noses into someone else’s life YOU BETTER GET IT RIGHT!

  2. “Moreover, children of parents with ADHD have a 50% chance of having ADHD themselves. This can lead to a vicious cycle of unwanted pregnancy and poverty that’s not easily broken.”

    It kinda sounds like you are advocating for people with ADHD not to have kids at all. This is super ableist. I have ADHD and so does my mom. Things are not perfect but she is a good mom and people with ADHD can be great parents. Having an ADHD child isn’t a bad thing and it is gross to suggest it is.

    It is sad to see this level of stigma and self-hate in a publication for ADHD people. This should be a safe place for us, but instead, we are being told not to have kids and that we are incapable of using contraceptives properly. If taking the pill doesn’t work for you there are also IUDs and Nexplanon that allow ADHD people to avoid pregnancy without having to take a pill every day or wear a condom every time. Please do better ADDitude.

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