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Ablution Performance 101

Simple hygiene is sometimes beyond the person with ADHD.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I might have adhd, I dont have the privilege to take a proper clinical diagnosis yet but all the symptoms have matched so far (Disclaimer: this is not self-diagnosis but still an assumption). As I start to observe my daily routines, one thing that stuctk the most every morning and afternoon is how much I struggle with taking a bath. I take very long showers, and part of the reason is I get caught brainstorming too much in the shower that I forget the routines I have done or have not in the shower. I would take an hour of bath then as I dress-up I figured out that I havent used the soap yet, or I would use the soap twice since im not sure whether or not I used it the first time, or brush my teeth twice or not at all. I’ve been looking for a blog to answer my concern and yours might actually help me. I dont know yet if I have adhd, but your blog truly helps

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