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Lose the Shame Already!

The stigmas that those with ADHD face for not fitting into the traditional system can be more harmful than the ADHD itself.

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  1. Dear Dr. Anholt,

    When your schedule permits could you write articles dealing with any of the following topics:

    (a) How a male with LD/ADHD can find the energy to maintain relationships with anyone?

    (b) How a male can succeed at work if he has LD/ADHD?

    (b.1) “The interviews I conducted with adults who had achieved financial and occupational success, despite (and often because of) their ADHD, were brimming with ADHD “hacks” and inspiring tales of resilience.”
    Out of every 100 you found what percentage were successful? Of the ones that were successful how many were still married?

    (c) How a male can succeed at marriage if he has LD/ADHD?
    I have yet to find a guy with LD/ADHD get sole custody of his kids at the outset.
    It is always the husband who is to blame for “everything” that went wrong!
    I wonder sometimes if it would be more ethical for physicians and psychologists
    to suggest to males with LD/ADHD to avoid relationships because of the harm
    that will come to them because of their LD/ADHD.
    I cannot speak for females with ADHD and I pray they do not suffer as much as the males do.
    “I was lucky to have people in my life who championed my unique ways of learning, and,
    over time, I learned how to mitigate some of my ADHD symptoms and harness others as superpowers.”
    I would change “luck” to “MIRACLE” because when I was growing up the last “ANYONE” wanted to
    do was help me succeed! I had a chance to run away from home when I was 16 and I wish I had.

    NB: I did not comment on your article because I never experienced this MIRACLE.
    “Being supported and empowered to figure out one’s own way is more predictive of
    success than the elimination of symptoms.”

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