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[Quiz] How Seriously Do You Procrastinate?

How bad is your tendency to procrastinate? We all put things off, but if procrastination is affecting your life, the first step is to understand your own behavior and ADHD brain.

10 Comments: [Quiz] How Seriously Do You Procrastinate?

  1. I knew I’d get a high score on this one! 57 out of 64. About 90%.

    Most of my bills are autopay (but I do pay the rest last minute or a day late). I get to the airport really early because of the possible disastrous consequences if I miss a plane. (Work trips.) But on all the rest I procrastinate and I can’t stop.

  2. I knew I’d be a high scorer, I’m avoiding a massive clean up and organize now of multiple rooms in my house now. Someone’s coming at 1pm tomorrow to see what rooms I meed repsirs in…I’m OVERWHELMED!

  3. 94% – I didn’t have to take the quiz to know what a disaster I am. I took it because I thought there’d be some suggestions.

  4. The difficulty I have with these quizzes as a newly diagnosed ADHD sufferer is, that over the years I’ve managed to develop a lot of coping mechanisms in order for my life to work.

    I’m rarely late to important things like an appointment or the airport. But that’s because I know that if I don’t plan meticulously then I will be. I will then worry and worry about every small detail, and not relax or chill out till I’m actually there. I will have trouble sleeping, or not be able to think about anything else other that this thing, because I HAVE to be there on time.

    This also applies to many other aspects of how I deal with my ADHD. So these quizzes with a yes or no answer don’t really work. I pay bills on time, I get places on time (but often will be rushing to get to work), I get to the airport on time.

    I still scored 81% though haha

    1. LOL! I got 94% ..the only one I got “wrong” was if I pay my bills on time or not (I do, but only because I have direct debit set up for all the companies to just take whatever is owing that month, so I don’t have to deal with it/get late fees like I most certainly would if it were up to me to pay on my own 😂)

      So I’m giving myself a soft 100%

      I’d love a prize!!

  5. This quiz is too black or white, either/or. I couldn’t answer the majority of the questions because of this. There is so much grey in between. Please make a quiz that is a bit more realistic.

    1. It is 100% black & white in my personal experience. I could be wrong, but my bf has ADHD, as well and his symptoms are black & white. I think if you do have ADHD, there is no question as to whether the answer would be yes or no.
      Try reading the question and if EVER your answer would not be a definitive NO, then you should check yes. Or determine out of 5 similar situations how many times is yes, how many no, etc. 3 or more would mean yes.

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