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Q: "Our Child’s Problems Waking Up Make Our Mornings Miserable"

Your teen has serious problems waking up. He sleeps through his alarms. When you try to rouse him, he’s mean and obstinate. After an inordinate amount of stress and arguing, he’s late for school and everyone is upset. How can you end this unhealthy morning cycle? Here are some ideas.

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  1. Another thing that might help; set up something to look forward to in the morning, to make getting out of bed less painful! Set the (sunrise?) alarm a little earlier, and then have the first thing to do be something pleasant (for me, that’s eating a cookie, but anything positive would work), then have a second alarm go off when that activity needs to end!

  2. One thing that isn’t listed here that was life changing for me was a sunrise simulator alarm clock. I struggled with waking for my entire life. It was particularly bad during my teen years and twenties. I would turn alarms off in my sleep, hold conversations with my parent without waking… I was just stuck in the deep sleep part of the cycle when the world needed me up and functional. Research seems to suggest that those with ADHD are set to different wake and sleep cycles. I certainly wasn’t staying up late or spending long hours in front of the screen. That was just the sleep cycle my body demanded. It made it extremely challenging to perform in the 9 to 5 world. Getting older helped, but having a sunrise simulator alarm clock has made a massive difference as well. I wish I had access to the technology when I was younger.

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