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Why Praise Is So Important for Children with ADHD

"When a child with ADHD receives a drop or two of praise, it's like rain in the desert." Learn how the right words of praise and encouragement can boost your child's self-confidence.

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  1. My 7 year old child has both ADHD and emotional disturbance diagnosis. In my experience, implementing a token economy has spoiled him and led to him working just enough to earn the reward he wants and then failing to comply at all. It became an expectation of reward. Stopped that. Later, my son refused to comply with parent requests because they “just didn’t feel like it.” He was told that maybe mom wouldn’t feel like putting in the xbox password next time he asked. He countered with quickly helping (unprompted/unrelated request) and changing his brothers diaper then immediately comes to tell me that now I had to get him a new game. Does not try to make better choices. Does not apologize. Does not ask for help. Does not see himself as responsible for own decisions. Does not want to follow rules or feel he has consequences. When asked to describe behavioral issues, chooses specific details that paint him as a victim. Hears what he wants to hear – buzz words. Gives reasons and excuses that he’s just a “bad kid” despite NO ONE ever telling him hes a “bad” child, just makes bad choices. He admits to not listening to any of our talks and shows no willingness to actually try.
    I’m not sure how to get through to him. Just take it one day at a time and remain firm and consistent.

  2. Another reason besides them “not getting much praise usually” may be because of bad memory. My feeling is that praise doesn’t stick, and that it’s new (and a happy surprise) whenever they receive it. (Speaking from personal experience, not science.)

  3. It most certainly is a fact. They are already aware of their differences with those who do not have ADD/ADHD , hoping they can pass that on to those with the same condition.

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