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"Please Say You Understand"

"I am a nomad. I don't stay anywhere long. But after 36 years of constant motion, I still haven't outrun my ADHD -- or the deep sadness that has seeped in lately."

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  1. I don’t think there’s any magic pill, but there might be a combination of medications that help things feel better. What do you take now? I am on Adderall, and it definitely helps me focus, but it also calms how impulsive and scatterbrained I can be in conversations. This helps me have more deliberate and meaningful interactions.

    I also take a whole host of other medications designed to help my mood, decrease my anxiety, and keep me from having violent mood swings. The one that has helped the most is Limictal. It’s use for psychiatric disorders is still off-label, so you might have trouble finding someone who will prescribe it. My psychiatrist thinks it can be a wonder drug for people who don’t do well on regular mood stabilizers though.

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