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"I Don't Waste Time Trying to Wrestle With My ADHD"

Peter Carlisle, managing director of Octagon’s Olympic and Sports Action division, shares how he came to accept — and even cherish — his ADHD.

1 Comment: "I Don't Waste Time Trying to Wrestle With My ADHD"

  1. It sounds like you have a handle on your ADHD and use it to your advantage. As a retired woman with a husband who has medical issues, a lot of mundane tasks fall into my lap. So I’m wondering how do you accomplish the following “non-ADHD” chores: keep your house clean (dust, vacuum, scrub floors and bathrooms); plan, shop, cook, and clean up after meals; stay on top of bills, insurance, medical needs and appointments; keep up on laundry (and car maintenance); and find time for all your hobbies? For me, I’d be happy to just read a book. Are all of these chores necessary? Well, I cannot possibly accomplish them every week nor do I have the funds to hire any of it done for me. So, yes, I do have to accomplish them on a somewhat regular basis, so the health department doesn’t come in and shut me down (LOL). Seriously, how do you work with your ADHD which comes along with lack of motivation, tons of distractions, and anxiety or depression from not “keeping up” with these simple, everyday tasks that require your attention. Not a lot of thriving going on with me. I apologize for this lengthy comment, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg around here. Just feeling just a bit tired of the “gift” of ADHD.

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