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“Please Let Him Make Just One Friend.”

Every school season begins with the same, singular wish for my son: Please let the kind kids outnumber the bullies, let the understanding outpace the frustration, and let the other parents (and teachers) know how important it is talk openly about invisible disabilities like ADHD.

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  1. Both of my son’s are the kids who are too much. My older son only had a couple friends all though school. My youngest is the same way. Last year started out really good, he had a lot of friends and one day he was telling me about the one boy in class who has no friends at all and was being excluded from recess games and such. Knowing the child and that he has mild autism I really stressed for my son to be his friend and how important it would be to this little boy. He did it and end the end sadly also ended up being the outcast also, which about broke my heart. It made the rest of the year very hard last year. Its hard becasue they attend a small school that his grade is only 1 class. I am still encouraging him to be that boys friend and hopefully since my son is so athletic it will hopefully start to pull the others in their class to accepting them both.

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