Oppositional Defiant Disorder
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Will Anything Solve My Child’s Defiance and ODD?

“I’ve tried every reward, every consequence, and nothing makes a difference. How do I help change my child's oppositional behavior?” Dr. William Dodson recommends a three-pronged approach.

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  1. This step-by-step, simple program is exactly what I needed! Many, many thanks Dr. Dodson.
    The ADHD/ODD mix applies to my 8 year old cognitively gifted son. We have had several conversations about having him take ADHD medication, but he always refuses. He doesn’t like living with the ADHD or ODD symptoms, but doesn’t want anything that will ‘change his brain’ or be a daily reminder that he is different.
    Any wise words on the issue of taking medication?

  2. My daughter has autistic behaviors, but I do think that she is severely adhd. She was being treated early ,when she was around 5 years of age. My mom thought it best to take her off the adhd meds.well now after a battle that has almost destroyed her whole life, I finally got her to try to take her as he meds at the age of 41. It does work wonders for people who really try let struggle with this deasea, for I know that as a 63 year old adult I still have to take my medication.
    I do not see anything wrong with the meds, as long as you take them at the same time everyday, and if one doesn’t seem to be doing the job ,well there are plenty more you can ask your doc to try, this is a long term illness .

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